HAPPY WEDNESDAY!!! Look at what I got yesterday at Dollar General!

Gain Detergent (40 oz) – $4.50

Gain Flings (16 ct) – $4.50

Gain Detergent (75 oz) – $7.95

Gain Dryer Sheets (105 ct) – $4.50

Gain Fireworks (9.7 oz) – $4.50

Gain Dishwashing Liquid (8 oz) – $1.00

Gain Fabric Softener (48 loads) – $4.00

Total before Coupons – $30.95 + Tax

Coupons used (All DG digital coupons):

$2.00 off Gain liquid detergent 50oz and below

$2.00 off Gain Flings 25ct and below

$3.00 off Gain Detergent 69 oz and above

$2.00 off Gain dryer sheets 105ct and above

$2.00 off Gain Fireworks 9.7oz and above

$0.25 off Gain dishwashing Liquid 21.6 oz or smaller

$2.00 off Gain liquid Fabric Softener 48-60 loads

$5.00 off a purchase of $30 or more in Gain scented items

Total after Coupons – $12.70 + Tax

All coupons expire 10/28/17 but will reset within the next week. The items/scents pictured are what I chose to get based on what my household uses.

Click HERE to join DG digital coupons


Happy Shopping!



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