28 Facts About Lex

Hello!! Welcome to my very first post! I’m so excited to actually be able to share my experiences with all of you. I wanted to do a sort of ice breaker topic just so you can get to know me. ENJOY!

  1. I’m 28 years old – this was a big shocker to my employees.
  2. I was born and raised in Little Rock, AR.
  3. I currently live in Texas.
  4. I used Pinterest to teach me how to cook.
  5. I’m a mom to a sweet & wild 2 year old boy but I really want 7 children.
  6. I am 99.7% OCD about ALMOST everything.
  7. I love Coke and hate Pepsi (Yuck!)
  8. My favorite color is pink but I love all bright colors (orange, yellow, green).
  9. I’m married to an amazing man
  10. I really desire to have a fit body like Teyana Taylor but I love tacos, cheese dip and pizza too much.
  11. I am a big grudge holder.
  12. I LOVE Chick-Fil-A and their awesome customer service.
  13. I LOVE sour gummy worms!
  14. I fell asleep driving from Jonesboro, AR to Little Rock, AR, ran my car into the median barrier backwards but didn’t have any bodily damaged and only lost my bumper. #ThankGod
  15. My mom says my birthmark is a biscuit because that’s all she ate while pregnant with me and my sister.
  16. Oh yea, I have a twin sister but she died in Utero.
  17. My all time favorite TV show is “The Golden Girls.”
  18. My favorite subject in school was math, even in college.
  19. I’m 5′ 2 3/4″ (Yes the 3/4 is very important).
  20. I’m a very big procrastinator, however, I do my best work at the last minute.
  21. I LOVE the show “House,”  I feel it brings out the doctor in me.
  22. I’m addicted to Starbucks – Caramel Frappuccino, extra caramel!
  23. I become very cranky, easily annoyed and agitated when I don’t get enough sleep.
  24. My birthday is September 5th #TeamVirgo.
  25. I am NOT a morning person #TeamNightOwl.
  26. My father died at the end of my brother’s Sophomore year of high school and while I was in nursing school (2 days before my med surg final exam).
  27. My besties and I are going to Abu Dhabi for our next big vacation.
  28. I love Fall/Winter time but absolutely hate being cold.


Thanks for reading!